Morning Glory Aggravation & Lost Felcos

I am loathe to admit that while my tulips and clematis are doing fine, once again this year I am confounded by morning glories. The seeds will not germinate. I’ve tried soaking, soaking and scoring, bottom heat, no heat, more water, less water, complete negligence. At first, I asked other people how they got theirs to grow and was met with either a) horror that I would plant such a beast, or b) horror that I was having technical difficulties with them. Or both. It’s quite humiliating. I don’t mind their rude pushy ways, I accept them as they are. It is utterly ridiculous to me that I cannot grow morning glories. This is like failing at marigolds or having a hard time growing mint.

My spirits have taken such a beating in this matter that I cannot get into the weeding and pruning I need to do. You think I’d be motivated by the knowledge that my Felcos are out there in the dirt somewhere and I’m unlikely to discover them again until I do some actual gardening. But come on, I live in the Pacific Northwest – what are the chances they are anything but an oxidized fossil by now?


3 thoughts on “Morning Glory Aggravation & Lost Felcos

  1. When I grew morning glories for a commercial greenhouse, I direct seeded 2-3 seeds in 2 inch pots, watered them in, covered them with thin plastic sheeting, and they’d pop in about 10-14 days. Oddly, these seedlings were finicky–easily overwatered, didn’t like to be transplanted, and would not come up if not top heated. I’m curious how you came across my blog post. Does it come up in a search? I’m new to this but glad it’s working!

  2. Thank you! I’m going to compost this batch and try again with your suggestions.

    I posted to your blog with the answer to your other question.

  3. Maybe you’re paying too much attention to them…? Here (in Alabama) they seem to do overly well by self-seeding and just getting rained on. We bought dirt for our veggie garden last year and it was full of MG seeds. I spent all summer trying to pry the vines off of my okra!

    But I have trouble with marigolds, so I’m really in no position to say much of anything. :)

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