Searching so long

I like the trend of asking a question of search engines, like “Why are my teeth falling out?” or “What is this bug?”. A couple of recent search terms to find Vox Hortus:

show me how to prune a pittosporum tenui


are american boxwoods gymnosperms or ang


why do wasps fly with their legs hanging


spider pointy

Pruning Pittosporum tenuifolium: cake walk. I wouldn’t shear the top horizontally, but you could if you must. It’s forgiving, and winter shears mine back to about 3 feet. This year, it grew about 6 feet, but some years it shoots up to 10. If you’re in a place it’s hardy, I would prune from the inside to open it up.

Boxwoods are angiosperms.

Lots of looks at the hobo spider post.

Some wasps fly with their legs hanging down because they are undignified. I don’t know why, really, but it’s always grossed me out.

Spider pointy: at this time of year, I’ll bet orb weaver.

vox hortus


coral-colored trumpet flowers


Spirea thunbergii ‘Mt. Fuji’


ohsu school of entomology


ohsu spider study


Coral colored trumpet flowers, maybe Campsis radicans.

More spider interest.

OHSU is the medical university, no entomology department there. Here’s the link to their spider bite study.

Silkworms’ favorite tree is Mulberry, Morus alba, to be exact.


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