These bees are Buddhists

This is the little garden out at our research farm where the honeybees have one half of the 10 acres and the horticulture department and organic farmers have the other.

The hives are out of sight, but do you see the all the birdhouses hanging up in the tree? Bumblebee nests.

The hanging bells are CO2 cannisters cut in half and painted gold. There is a Thai Buddhist symbol of the elephant and the monkey with honeycomb hanging in the center. Just behind, there’s a drop off to a small tributary of the Willamette River.

My club was out there with the master gardeners planting a water wise garden. While we were having tea during a break, we were standing around the hives.

You have to believe me: these are the calmest bees in the world. Several landed on my sweater, and I petted them. And they were like, “Okay”.

Then we went back to work, and here’s part of the garden coming together. You can see a good amount of the farm in this view. Did I mention it was foggy?

The plants in this garden are several sedum varieties, penstemon, rosemary, agastache, one tiny juniper, cistus, ceanothus, a dwarf native iris, helianthemum, and coreopsis.

As I write this, I am wondering if the deer, who ran by that hoop house in the distance maybe 2 minutes after I took this photo, came and did a little mowing last night. Beasts.

These guys provided the background music.

And I have nice things to say about this Shantung Maple. Lovely.


3 thoughts on “These bees are Buddhists

  1. Oh what lovely lovelies! I was giddy as a school girl yesterday because I brought home a ginko (male), a profusion crabapple, three palo alto sweet gums, three october glories and three autumn blazes. I also got a cherry that has burgandy in the name and has darker, more purple foliage and brighter double clustered spring flowers! I have a sickness for japanese maples but was proud of myself that I didn’t bring any of those home this time! I love your blog : )

  2. Thanks Sandy, glad you’re reading!

    You got good stuff, I just adore Liquidambar, most especially Palo Alto. That’s the rounded leaf variety, right? They look like duck feet? Love it.

    You’re going to have quite a splendid spring.

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