A change in path

I’m going to be telling you more landscaping stories because I’ve changed my option in horticulture.

I’m a senior this year, and I’ve finished the core horticulture courses that provide the science for making it all work. That said, I am quite clear that I do not wish to know anything more about cropping systems, mist and boom systems, greenhouse information systems, or wholesale nursery systems. I am over crop management.

I negotiated for some flexibility in my course path and two weeks into design, I remembered how much I loved it. Coincidentally, I was two weeks at the retail nursery where this journey started when I knew I had found it. It doesn’t take me long to look at a horseshoe.

My emphasis is now environmental landscape, though if you’re wondering what that adjective means exactly, I don’t know either. A sustainability buzzword no doubt.

My next three terms will be filled with landscape design, construction, management, and operations and I couldn’t be happier. If I don’t ever hear about scheduling floriculture crops again, it’ll be too soon.

There was a slight trade off as now I have to learn CAD, but I’m coming around to liking that too.


3 thoughts on “A change in path

  1. I’m pretty happy about it. Ponderous! I have a meeting with my advisor tomorrow to negotiate *out* of the small engines class. How weird is that?

    It’ll be a cold day in hell before I put my hands into a lawn mower’s nether regions for any reason.

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