Horse Chestnut Incoming!

I worked up a plant list for a playground this week in landscape design, thinking I had covered all the ways a plant could be threatening to children: poisonous, prickly, thorny, laden with tempting but inedible fruit, clothes staining, and skin snagging. I spent a lot of time picking the perfect grass that didn’t have toothed edges and the right shrubs that were without berries.

After turning it in, we discussed all the variables and I had forgotten a critical feature that seemingly only boys are aware of: plant parts that make excellent weapons.

I would have never thought of that.


2 thoughts on “Horse Chestnut Incoming!

  1. Obviously you have never been hit in the back with an old walnut wrapped in snow…same thing. Or a buckeye…same thing.

  2. :) I really missed out with no siblings. No one to stab me with pitch forks, lob walnuts at me, break my fingers. I had to walk 3 miles in the snow and find my own path for injuring myself.

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