Techniques and Tools I Can Heartily Recommend

Do you have a cat problem in a small garden, where you’re trying to grow herbs or other delicate plants that can’t defend themselves against cats?  My friend was telling me she discovered what had killed her rosemary, basil and thyme plants: the neighbor’s cat was coming over and flopping into the containers – full weight on the plants for a several hour nap in the afternoon.  The plants didn’t have a chance!  Here’s the hack: take slender bamboo poles and cut them into 14″ or so lengths.  You can also use chopsticks if you don’t have bamboo.  Poke them into the ground around just deep enough so they are vertical in the soil, next to and between the plants with about 4″ between the mini-stakes.  This makes it impossible for a sleepy cat to find a place to lie down, and incidentally, it also makes it hard for them to use your herb bed as a litter box.  Oh, snap, Kitty!


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