Between fierce rain and wind, the sun will come peeking out and just for a moment, you can pretend it’s spring. So that’s what I did – pruned and trimmed and weeded and pulled out what was the largest weed of my gardening career – an 8′ Western Red Cedar volunteer that was crowded under a mature pine. Not sure if it was there by design, but I rather think not. Yesterday we procured a folding saw and today I put it to use. I wanted to yell “TIMBER!” in a dramatic and victorious way, but it was Sunday. At 8 am. So I refrained.  

Instead, I turned my attention to the hydrangeas, 3 bushes, in need of some pruning and clean up. 


If we get another frost I’ll be sorry I did this, but it’s done. Maybe a frost would have the decency to kill the Pieris, which is covered in sooty mold, flowers, and loathing. It’s only still standing because I didn’t feel like more sawing today, but it’s on borrowed time.